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Desk Caddy

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A handy desk organizer used for sorting letters and notes that would have been used in the 30's. This reproduction includes 12 separate compartments for storage, and is true to the construction methodology employed on the originals, including the spline corners.  It is constructed of solid maple, and like in Eleanor Roosevelt's day is hand finished. We use an English Chestnut stain which is rubbed and finished with a low-VOC polyurethane satin finish.  And because none of us have our big bulky desks - and drawers, it is even handier today than it was then. It makes a great gift.

The original is currently housed at the Eleanor Roosevelt Estate at Hyde Park.  Each of these RVHA commissioned pieces is marked with both the Valkill logo and the special Roosevelt Vanderbilt Historical Association (RVHA) logo, which highlight its historical significance.  A portion of the proceeds go directly to the Roosevelt Vanderbilt Historical Association (RVHA) to support Eleanor's lagacy and to continue operation of her Val-Kill estate and education center in Hyde Park, NY.