Valkill Story

We've been building furniture for years, and working to help others who are less fortunate or who are the victims of difficult circumstances.  In Detroit, we helped found the Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit which focused on training returning prisoners to do deconstruction, gaining crucial job skills that can help get people jobs so we can help to reduce the high rates of re-incarceration.  Then a number of years ago, while working at Warm Springs, we  heard about Eleanor Roosevelt's "ValKill" furniture company, originally founded in 1926.  We were intrigued not only by the story, but also by the principles upon which the company was founded.  So we purchased the trademark, and started working to build high quality furniture using as much labor from the neighborhoods as possible. And today, with the support of the National Park Service and the Roosevelt Vanderbilt Historical Association we are proud to provide furniture for anyone who wants genuine ValKill pieces in their homes.  The Roosevelt Vanderbilt Historical Association (RVHA) has commissioned the four pieces found in our "Valkill Classics" collection. Each time you purchase a piece of our furniture, you are working not only to preserve the legacy of one of America's most active, tolerant and effective first ladies, you are also helping to give a chance to a guy on the street who desperately wants to work.  

For more information on our new facility at Triangle Arts Macon, or on the history of Eleanor Roosevelt and her company, or on the efforts to maintain her legacy, please click on one of the images below.

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