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Community Table

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FDR hired architect Henry Toombs, with whom FDR had worked on several occasions.  This furniture is inspired by the designs of Henry Toombs at Warm Springs, which include Georgia Hall and many of the other hospital buildings that made up the facility. He also designed the Chapel, which served as the design inspiration for the table we donated which now serves as the altar table.

This is the table that launched the rebirth of Val-Kill Furniture. It was a gift for the Warm Springs Roosevelt Memorial Chapel. When it was presented, the Chaplain, Gary Kemp, was so pleased he asked if I could make more of them.  This whole effort grew from that meeting. You can also order this with small wheels (order caster wheels separately) built inside each leg on one end of the table.  When the table is sitting flat, the weight is on the table leg, but when the table is lifted at the opposite end, the table gets up onto the casters and can be wheeled around by someone with limited mobility - or - by someone in a wheelchair.  This made it perfect for Roosevelt Warm Springs - some of the church folks are older, and many folks in the congregation are in wheelchairs.  Having seen this in use, I don't understand why all tables aren't made this way. 

I call it a "Community table", because it is only 29" wide - 84X29X31 (LWH) and feels much more comfortable than a 36" wide table.  It can be ordered in a 36" version if you plan to use it as a dining table - in fact, you can order it in any width/length that works for you (price available upon request).  Made from cypress and painted in low VOC water-based polyurethane, this table is built to last - the corner hardware and the through bolts should last for decades.  Our dining table was built this way and is still solid after 6 kids, 15+ years, and countless meals.