Donation - Artist Studio Construction

$ 10.00

$10 - Provide one hour of pay for someone who desperately needs to work

$25 - 5 lbs of metal stud screws - they aren't sexy, but we can't do this job without them

$50 - 5 4X10 sheets of 5/8" drywall. We need a bunch of these - each studio will use on average 20 sheets.

$100 - 25 10' metal studs - these are placed vertically and are spaced at 16" centers - and are the backbone of the entire project.

$250 - electrical for one studio.  It will cost approximately $250 to have each studio wired. Your donation will be a huge step in getting these done. 

$1,000 - sponsor the construction of an entire studio. We would create an art piece and place it on the front of the studio if you'd like to memorialize your gift in your name or someone else's name. 

These artists studios are at the heart of our strategy.  Once we get them built and filled, we will begin to expand into the other community-oriented projects we have planned. We hope to have built 15 artist studios by the end of the summer.  We expect to have artists from throughout the Atlanta community, but we are focusing on the typically under served area south of 20. If you know of anyone who might be interested in a studio, please have them contact us.