Reclaimed dimensional lumber

$ 2.50

We have recently deconstructed a house in Southern Georgia.  It had been neglected for years and was recently slated for deconstruction. The original house was built around 1870 and was constructed with heart pine beams and floor and ceiling joists.  Unfortunately, the contractor removed only a small portion of the lumber before knocking the house in on itself. The original owner called us and asked us to try and salvage as much of this historic material as possible. We managed to save a large number of 1X12 sheathing boards, plus 2X4's, 2X6's and 2X8's. These are all dimensional (meaning they are really 2" wide, etc.) and because of the saw marks, all pay visual homage to the sawmills where they were born.   They are all rough cut, straight, and loaded with history.  This lumber makes beautiful furniture, but is also often used to repair other century old homes. The photos show the lumber as we found it - before we squared it and prepared it.  All wood is sold by the linear foot.

We will also provide you with a certificate of authenticity, with detailed information about their source.  Our pricing is competitive and we are local - about three minutes from Turner field. We are also using local labor which provides work to neighborhood guys who are not typically seen as employable.  We are also beginning to carry antique hardware and tools.